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Tim Kretlow: Up and Coming Realtor in Wausau, WI - Work with the best!

About Tim Kretlow

GUSTO! That's Tim's life philosophy. Life is too short to not love and enjoy every minute of it and that's the passion and mindset Tim brings to both his life and business. Gusto is what gets Tim out of bed at 4:30 am, it's what inspires him to attempt the impossible and it's what drives both Tim and his clients success. Tim's personality can be described in a few words as extremely driven AND easy going and kind. He believes in getting things done efficiently and effectively but not at the cost of anyone else. Tim also has a unique way of thinking about every situation from a bird's eye view and is determined to make each deal a win-win for all parties. You can count on Tim to never pressure you into anything you don't want to do, he understands that you're ultimately in the driver's seat when it comes to buying or selling and Tim is just there to make sure you're getting a good deal. Some of Tim's top qualities are: -Honesty and Integrity -Low-Pressure Agent -Responsive and Effective Communicator -Negotiating Skills -Creative Thinking -Extremely Tech-Savy -Experience Buying and Selling my Own Property -Market Knowledge Here are some of Tim's Key Differentiators: -He was trained by one of the top 3 digital marketers in the world so he knows how to market your home effectively and attract attention to it. -He has a deep passion for real estate investing so he knows what to look for to understand if his clients are getting a good deal and he has specific knowledge on what renovations create either a positive or negative ROI. Additionally, he has unique pricing strategies that have been proven to net the most money for your home within a reasonable time frame. Tim has spent a large percentage of his free time learning and developing his real estate investing knowledge. -Tim is backed by a team of high performers so you can be sure you're getting the top quality service and professionalism by Tim, his support team and his mentors. -Last but not least, Tim is a life long learner meaning he's constantly learning and developing himself to better position himself and his clients for success.